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Unpredictable Gardening

Today, March 6th, marks the beginning of my journey to become a gardener. Although I’ve done some research, I’m probably just going to wing a good portion of it. My end results are likely going to be way more unpredictable than the average, but I’m okay with that as long as I’m having fun along the way.

In keeping with that strategy, I went against the sage advice of my beloved uncle who advised that I go slow and not overwhelm myself. I have instead plowed full speed ahead into the unknown depth of too much too soon: I ordered organic seeds from 3 different websites, started creating my makeshift planters, and purchased 4 50-quart bags of organic soil.

My first order of seeds arrived earlier in the week, so by 7am this morning I headed back to Home Depot to purchase some missing ingredients: 2 greenhouse kits and 1 bag of organic seed starting soil.

Here’s the menu for today’s planting:

1. Belstar Broccoli

2. Yaya Carrot

3. Romaine Lettuce

4. Italian Parsley

5. Renegade Spinach

6. Napoli Carrot

7. Common Sage

8. Parade Bunching Onion

9. Thyme

10. Santo Cilantro

By 11am my seeds were all planted. Each seed starter kit has 50 peat cells (10x5), so I allocated 2 strips, a total of 10 cells, for each plant type. I still need to decide on where the plethora of additional vegetables seeds that I ordered will eventually call home. I can't plant in-ground because I've been unable to successfully evict the current gophers that call my yard home—but that's a blog for another time.

In the meantime, I can at least move along with my day feeling a little bit accomplished and enjoy the radiant smile that this phase brings to my face.

My journey has officially begun. Stay tuned for more on my progress.




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With over 20 years of creative experimentation as my inspiration, I founded Channai Couture Collection to share my passion and preserve my family legacy for this beautiful art of expression.  I hope you love the collection as much as I enjoy making each one-of-a-kind travel blanket for your pleasure. 

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