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The Meaning of Black History

In honor of Black History Month I asked the question: "What is one word that describes the meaning of Black History to you?" In their own words, here is a video of some of the illuminating responses.

Others shared the following:

  • Life

  • Excellence

  • Majestic

  • Legacy

  • Hallelujah

  • Right-on

  • Legacy

  • Matters

  • Proud

  • Identity

  • Martin

Thank you everyone for your beautiful, heartfelt responses.



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The art of crochet has been a natural extension of my rich Caribbean heritage as far as I can remember.

With over 20 years of creative experimentation as my inspiration, I founded Channai Couture Collection to share my passion and preserve my family legacy for this beautiful art of expression.  I hope you love the collection as much as I enjoy making each one-of-a-kind travel blanket for your pleasure. 

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