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Part 2: Entrepreneurial Focus

Pink Pleasure blanket that inspired the Channai Couture travel blanket collection

"I started experimenting on creating a product line that provides the comforts of home no matter where or how you traveled."

In Part 1: Youthful Beginnings I shared the start of my enthusiasm for crochet. For years after, I continued to explore my creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, crocheting everything that I could think of:

  • afghans/blankets

  • pillows

  • baby blanket sets

  • adult sweaters

  • doilies

  • scarves and hats

  • ponchos

  • framed art

  • booties (for adults and children)

  • hats (an entire line of custom patterns)...

You name it and I could likely crochet it for you - or a least give it a try. I even started creating my own patterns. I strived to evolve my love of crochet from a hobby to a business but with so many options I soon learned that doing it all was just not practical. So, I worked on refocusing: What is the one thing that I really enjoyed crocheting and how could I make it unique? It took me a long time, but I finally found my answer during my holiday travels in December 2015.

During the flight, as I always do, I declined the airline blanket although it was freezing—I’ve just never felt comfortable using them. Instead I used my unfinished blanket as a cover because I know where it’s been. Surprisingly, I received quite a few compliments which gave me pause and planted a seed of possibilities.

Using this blanket project as an inspiration I started experimenting on creating a product that reflected all of the qualities that inspired those initial compliments: texture, color, comfort, size and convenience, no matter where or how you traveled. My determination was further fueled by my research findings around the airline industry. (I will share 3 key insights from this research in my next blog.)

Over a year later, I am thrilled to share with you the Channai Couture travel blanket collection the result of my in-flight epiphany in 2015, and my love for the beautiful art of crochet. Let me know what you think.

Travel well...


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The art of crochet has been a natural extension of my rich Caribbean heritage as far as I can remember.

With over 20 years of creative experimentation as my inspiration, I founded Channai Couture Collection to share my passion and preserve my family legacy for this beautiful art of expression.  I hope you love the collection as much as I enjoy making each one-of-a-kind travel blanket for your pleasure. 

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